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Hydration Help for a Good Cause

It is great that Aqualyte was again used as the preferred hydration and electrolyte drink of this years Go The Extra Mile event. This is the second year we have supported what is a very worthy organisation doing great work in the fight against poverty.

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Aqua-Dog & The Australian Hockey Team

Check out one of the great posts that athletes in the Hockey Australia High Performance Program are putting together for Aqualyte as part of our sponsorship of the program and National Teams. These athletes are as talented off the field as they are on.


Help support the athletes by purchasing Aqualyte via the following link –

Hockey Australia High Performance Program Information

Bicycling WA – Hell of the North

Training-and-preparation-edited-2Aqualyte is excited to be the continued hydration partner for Bicycling WA (BWA) and the upcoming Hell of the North ride in September (

140 km of tough hard riding will be supported by Aqualyte to ensure hydration is not the limiting factor to performance on the day.

This is the 3rd event this year where Aqualyte has been supporting riders with the Kalamunda 100 in Feb and Dam’s Challenge in April preceding the Hell of the North.

Aqualyte is interested in supporting BWA and cycling as it covers a broad range of people from elite athletes performing at the highest level to active individuals after a healthy low impact activity. It is also at the corner stone of a growing cultural change in commuting behaviour and needs. As cycling continues to grow, advocacy groups such as BWA will become even more important in representing everyone who hops on a bike for what ever reason.

BWA’s mission is:

Untitled“to get More People Cycling More Often and this can only be achieved through a targeted approach to making it easier and safer for people to take up riding a bike and improve the health of the community through cycling. As part of our strategy to double the number of people cycling by the year 2020 BWA have identified five priorities that need to be addressed by State and local governments, employers and the entire bike riding community” (

2016 Melbourne Fire Fighter Stair Climb

homepage-mainPlease support this great event and terrific initiative. Click on the pic to visit their website.

We are glad to be involved again this year for not only this event but also to have the Melbourne Fire Brigade as a regular user of Aqualyte in their training program and fire stations.

Good People Doing Great Things

If being a high performance athlete was not achievement enough, it’s what these athletes do off the field as ambassadors for RUOK that sets them apart and makes them great.

Please follow Ash, Rach and a host of others personalities in their quest to ride 750km from Perth to Albany in October, stopping off in rural WA towns to provide coaching clinics and speak on mental health and wellbeing.

For more info on these outstanding individuals and the event, please visit

They are asking for the whole community to get behind their ‘Ride for Wheelbeing’. Should you wish to make a donation to this worthy cause, please visit

We hope that Aqualyte’s support will help get them through the ride, to spread the word on this important topic and to help raise much needed funds.

Good luck also to Rach on her participation in the upcoming Olympic Games and to Ash with her ACL rehab.

Triathlon WA – Triathlon Excellence Program

Claxton.jpgCongratulations to Jessica Claxton on recently winning the Junior Women’s Race at the ASTC Asian Cup Triathlon in Singapore. Jessica had a fantastic year of competition including winning the Oceania Junior Championships in New Zealand and the School Sport Australia Triathlon Championships in Hervey Bay. These performances have placed her second overall in the National Junior Series and contributed to her winning the 2015–16 Triathlon WA Triathlon Excellence Program athlete of the year.

The Triathlon Excellence Program, or TEP is Triathlon WA’s junior development program which was established to enable Triathlon WA to achieve its vision of ‘Sustained international success through the provision of an effective and efficient athlete pathway’. The TEP program is designed to move athletes through this pathway by developing their skills to enable them to achieve both their performance potential as well as develop a lifelong affinity with the sport.

Aqualyte is proud to be supporting this program and helping exciting emerging athletes such as Jessica in their training and competition.

HYPOTONIC, Isotonic & Hypertonic

The more ingredients that are added into a solution (electrolytes, sugar, vitamins, minerals etc), the thicker it’s concentration becomes and the slower it is absorbed into the body.

Osmolality is a measurement of a fluids concentration which is represented by the number of solutes per volume of fluid. The osmolality of the blood and body fluids is approximately 290 mOsmol/L.

  • Hypertonic solutions have an osmolality higher than the body (> 300 mOsmol/l)
  • Isotonic solutions have an osmolality similar to the body (= 290 mOsmol/l)
  • Hypotonic solutions have an osmolality lower than the body (< 280 mOsmol/l) which actively promotes fluid absorption.

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