HAHPP Athletes

Thanks for all of your help with promoting Aqualyte as part of our sponsorship of the teams. Loving some of the creativity.

Having been involved with the programs for 6 years as an Operations Manager (2009-2015), it is genuinely a pleasure to still be involved in some small way through our sponsorship.

We very much appreciate the support you provide us so we would like to try and give some more back by allowing you to get your hands on additional stock at below our wholesale rates. I ask that you show discretion regarding this discount and the promotion code is intended for you only.

Please use the promo code ‘tokyo2020‘ to get 30% off the online price. I am hoping the promo code will resonate with you all.

Keep up the great work promoting the brand and we trust that the Aqualyte will help you get the most out of your training, competition and recovery through good hydration.


Ben Tarbox
[email protected]