Proven Hydration for Sport & Industry

Aqualyte is a low sugar, HYPOTONIC fluid and electrolyte replacement. It is rapidly absorbed to prevent the undesirable effects of dehydration on health and performance.

HYPOTONIC solutions have a low solute concentration that promotes faster absorption than Isotonic drinks or plain water.

The scientifically based electrolyte concentrations make Aqualyte a High Performance Hydration solution for the prevention of dehydration.

10 Sachet Sample Pack

$1.50 per drink. 


Click on the link to go to our Testimonial Page for some of the feedback from workers, athletes and active individuals.


Just finishing off the labelling on our 480g Lemon Lime tubs. Made in our own facilities for all your hydration needs be it to prevent dehydration in summer or to help rehydrate after being sick with the flu or gastro in winter. #hydration #dehydration #electrolytes #heatstress #fifo #fifolife #flu #Health #renerhealthproducts ... See MoreSee Less

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It is great to have Heiniger representing and helping to promote Aqualyte in New Zealand. To get in contact visit their website at #heiniger #aqualyte #heatstress #workplacesafety ... See MoreSee Less

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