Industrial Hydration for Workers

Originally created for underground miners in 1998

Hydration Health Performance

Developed after years of our research investigating the effects of dehydration on health and performance, the low sugar, rapid absorption and scientifically balanced electrolyte replacement makes Aqualyte an effective rehydration solution for the prevention of dehydration and heat stress thereby contributing to workplace safety and sports performance.

Low Sugar

Great Natural Taste

Rapid Absorption

Australian Made

Cost Effective

Why Aqualyte?

Aqualyte is a low sugar, HYPOTONIC fluid and electrolyte replacement. It is rapidly absorbed to prevent the undesirable effects of dehydration on the health and performance of workers, athletes and active individuals.

HYPOTONIC solutions have a low solute concentration that promotes faster water and electrolyte absorption than isotonic drinks or plain water.

Its scientifically based electrolyte concentrations make Aqualyte a highly effective hydration solution for the prevention of dehydration, heat illness and fatigue.

Experience the difference of Aqualyte for yourself

Try a sample pack of 10 x 25g sachets for just $15 ($1.50 per drink + postage). Cheaper and healthier than any sports drink you can buy.

Aqualyte and water
Aqualyte and water